Where will you be on these dates?


We are so pleased to be a part of 3 great shows this year before we head off to the UK. One we have organised ourselves, and the other two we have been invited to be a part of. All of them feature some of the best interstate acts you will see, as all have a proven track record and a massive following in not only their own states, but right across Australia… and around the world:

In date order:

May 20th:

Rock n Roll Rampage: Featuring Kieron McDonald, Benny and the Fly By Nighters, Kitty Martini, and The Lincolns:

Rockn Roll Rampage

Tickets available at Sticky Tickets https://www.stickytickets.com.au/50436/rocknroll_rampage.aspx

July 8th:

The Fender Benders with The Lincolns


July 29th:

Jive in July. Featuring A Band Called Twang, The ReChords, and The Lincolns

Twang and co

Thats 3 great opportunities to catch some of the best interstate acts right on your own doorstep. It doesn’t get any better or easier than that. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Hope to see you at all of them!


Just back from a great weekend in Geelong. We have huge year coming up this year. Back to Blighty and back to Finland as well later on, lots of interstate travel and CD number 4 will make up 2017. Plus when we get back from overseas we’ll be having a well earned break.

Stay tuned good people!

Finland, Back to Blighty, the PH test… and more

Finland… what a blast. It’s a long way from Oz, but worth the trip. Marko and the gang put on a superb festival and looked after us so well. Are we going back… maybe. October 2017 is a possibility.

Well it looks like England is on the cards again for 2017. Ok… more than just on the cards… we’re going back. Starting at the Ted Do, we have about 6 gigs lined up and a few more in he pipeline. We’re lucky enough to be playing with one of England’s top Rock n Roll acts The Rhythm Aces. Ooh yeah. Very excited to be playing with Pete and the boys as they blew us away when we saw them last year.

Raucous Records will be releasing our 3rd CD in September so keep an eye out for that one. A few classics, and a few originals on there. A few slower ones and dedications on there too. CD Number 4 is already being written though and we’re hoping to have that ready for early in the New Year. So far we’re happy with the original content being a bit more punchy.

Our very first offering “Two Parts Whiskey” is now out of stock in hard copy, but can be downloaded on iTunes and also on CD Baby here -http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thelincolns1
It has our version of Red Cadillac which has had over 57000 views on youtube to date. That might be nothing to you guys, but it’s huge for us being in little old Adelaide ticked away down here on the outskirts of nowhere. We’re also in the process of filming another clip for another popular cover “Sorrow” so we’ll let you know when that comes up.

That’s all for now guys n gals. This web site is not the main area for band updates, but you can always catch up with the latest on Facebook under The Lincolns – Adelaide. Why not give us a like and be in our gang.

New CD Out Now

Hey guys n Gals… our new CD is up and running and literally flying out of the door. Thanks to everyone for buying it and for the great reviews we’ve had so far. Check our Buy Lincolns Stuff page to grab a copy if you want one!

We’ve had an amazing start to the year with so many great gigs, and already the year is pretty well full up. In fact the only dates we have free are the ones we’ve had to save for personal stuff. We are very very lucky to be in this sort of demand and we still pinch ourselves often!

We have Hanks Jalopy Demons heading over for a night at the Castle on July 9th which is not long after we get back from Finland. Did I say Finland? Yep… that’s what I mean about pinching ourselves! We’re also heading back to the UK next year to be a part of the Ted Do once more, plus we already have more gigs lined up. Can’t wait to catch up with Pete and The Rhythm Aces, plus our latest and greatest friends The King Cats with whom we really hit it off on our gigs together here in Australia earlier this year.

Lots of things in the pipeline, but as usual the Facebook page is updated much more often. The gig page is pretty well up to speed now, so Steve you can go and check it out at your leisure.

Take care everyone. Hope to see you soon.



New CD available in February 2016

Hey guys n gals… our new CD is almost ready for sale, so for those of you interested, we’ll soon have the links up on our “Buy Lincolns Stuff” page.  Ooh yeah!

Lots to report in the near future, so check back soon and I will be sure to update the site soon. In the meantime you can jump onto our FB page for more up to date info.



UK report & more

Well we’re back from the most amazing trip to the UK. The Ted Do, was amazing. We met some great people and the response to our music was just awesome! The whole tour ears brilliant with every gig being an absolute winner. We’re still on a high, and we’re keen to go back and do it all again in 2017! Next year we’re in Finland in June for the summer Jamboree festival, so look out Europe, we’ll be back!

The new3rd CD is set for recording in January after a couple of set back’s.  We’re super keen to get this one in the bag so we can start promoting a whole bunch of new originals that are ready to go for our 4th CD. Keep an eye and ear out for CD number 3, but more info will be put up on this site and also on our FB page nearer the time.

We’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to the Ballarat Beat next year, plus Camperdown. We’ll also be in QLD 3 times next year as part of a tour with The King Cats in February, then on The Double Trouble gig in April, and then with Breakaways in October for their Birthday show.

We’ll be in NSW, and Victoria a few times to, so keep an eye out and we hope to see you around at one of the shows.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll try and update as often as I can, but the main place for news is our FB page, so if you haven’t given us a like already, feel free to do so and get up to the minute info right there.

UK here we come

Not long to go before we hit the UK to play our brand of Rock n Roll. Starting in Blackpool on the 25th September, we’ll be there for a month, with 6 shows in 6 different locations. See the attached posters to see where you can find us:

More gig posters will be added as they become available.

Lincolns UKTed Do copy



Full steam ahead

Lots of exciting things happening in Lincoln Land.

Our new Lincoln (Kingsley) has fitted in nicely and is making a nuisance of name for himself at every gig we play. Valuable input, great singing, and great bass lines. Very happy to have him on board. He’s a true Lincoln now and there’s no stopping him or us.

The UK trip is looming and in September we head back to Blighty for 6 shows that are scattered across the land. We can’t wait to get over there and play our music overseas, as well as have a holiday at the same time. Ooh yeah!

We are also very close to getting back into the studio for CD #3. Progress updates will be posted here and also on our FB page, so look out for that.

This weekend we have Ezra Lee here with The Havoc Band, and we can’t wait to perform once again to another sold out show.

Stay tuned folks. Don’t forget that Facebook is updated more regularly than this web page, so why not head over and like our page for more and regular information about upcoming gigs and lots more.

That’s all for now…

See you on the dance floor!


New Lincoln

As some of you may know, Darren Lincoln regretfully left the band at the end of the year due to family and other commitments. We now welcome Kingsley Lincoln on bass! Kingsley  played his first show with us at a private party on the weekend just gone, which was a warm up to our first big show of the year at this weekend’s Birthday Bash for The Wanderers Car Club.

Kingsley can’t wait to get into what will be another busy year for us, with heaps of travel on the cards this year, both interstate and overseas. He’s a great player and a good singer and we’re really looking forward to getting stuck in together.

Hope to see you guys at a show soon.

The run in

Hey guys n gals… we’re on the run in to Christmas!

This weekend coming we’ll be playing as part of “That’ll be the night” with Victorian band Sweet Rock. Over 300 have booked tickets for what will be a great evening of dancing. Can’t wait for that one! We have weddings to attend this month too. Very good friends of ours have asked us to play a couple of sets to help them celebrate and celebrate we shall.

December will be busy with a trip to Sale early on, and then we have our very own Christmas show on the 13th. The 14th sees us at Largs Bay as part of the street fair, and then the 19th we’re on the street at Freeling for their Christmas show. NYE we’re back up in sunny QLD with the gang at Breakaways. Privileged to be a part of that night with a great bunch!

We’re coming off the back of 2 great months for the band and we’re very excited about our future. Interstate gigs, overseas gigs, writing our 3rd album… what a life! Loving it right now!

We have other news coming up soon, so stay tuned and keep rocking!