Meet The Lincolns

Tony Lincoln – Lead Guitar / Vocals

Tony Lincoln has been around the Adelaide Rock n Roll / Rockabilly scene for as long as most can remember. He was the driving force behind long standing Rockabilly band “Sons of Sun” for almost 25 years, before the band parted ways towards the end of 2011 to pursue other projects. Tony’s passion for the music is plain for all to see. His energetic presence on stage, and his trusty red stratocaster that chimes the sounds of the 50’s in that true Tony Lincoln style, have become almost iconic.

Walter Lincoln – Drums / Vocals


Walter Lincoln has been drumming in well known Adelaide bands for well over a decade, most recently with sixties sensations “The Invasion”. Recently Walter decided it was time to drop back a decade and try his hand at his other love “Rock n Roll. A stand up and stand out drummer on the scene, Walter’s rock steady beats have the dancers on their feet until they just can’t dance any more.

 Kingsley Lincoln – Bass / Vocals
Kingsley Lincoln is also no newcomer to the band scene, having played in many bands around Australia and overseas. Perhaps better known around town for his excellent sound engineering and production skills, Kingsley is no slouch on the bass or vocals.  His subtle yet punchy bass lines complete the rhythm section with Wal to bring that authentic 50’s sound to the fore. Kingsley is also an excellent guitarist, and song writer.
Lee Lincoln – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Lee Lincoln

Although not a newcomer to Rockabilly or Rock n Roll, Lee Lincoln is fairly new to the Adelaide band scene. Having played a short stint with The Pharaohs in the late 90’s, he has been out of bands until recently getting together with The Lincolns and hasn’t looked back since. Lee got his first Elvis double album by request at the age of 10 and has always loved the Rock n Roll music feel, which means he is well at home in his present Lincoln company.