New CD finally available in Hard Copy

Hey guys n gals… we finally have hard copies of our latest CD available for sales around Australia and yes… the rest of the world!!

Check out our “Buy Lincolns Stuff” page to secure your copy of “Do You Remember” as we only have limited numbers available due to the amazing response on digital media outlets over the last eight months.

Thanks so much everyone for your fantastic support. Can’t wait to see you all somewhere soon.

New CD out now on iTunes and Spotify etc

Hey guys and gals… our long awaited CD is still being waited for, but don’t let that stop you from getting a listen on iTunes or Spotify etc… The hard copies should be here some time this century, but you can now click on the links at our Hearnow page to take you straight to our latest offering… Do you remember! We can hardly remember as it was so long ago that we recorded these songs, but there you go…

Click away and hopefully you will enjoy our new music, plus some oldies that have been re-recorded in one of Adelaide’s best studio’s, Chapel Lane.

Get on it folks! Lyrics will be up soon!

Back from Blighty and Europe

What a magnificent tour we have had. Thanks so much to everyone that clapped and cheered their way through our 7 week tour of Europe and the UK. We had an absolute ball. I will try and keep this page up to date as much as I can, but as usual, Facebook is the place to find where we are at and what we are up to.

See you at a venue soon guys n gals.

The Rocker Returns

Back due to popular demand, the original Teddy Boy Rocker T-Shirt is back on the rack. Available in Mens S – XL, with Ladies available soon. Summer is coming… be cool.



New patches now in stock.


Our new super cool patches have finally arrived. Stick one on your leather jacket… put one under your Christmas Tree for that special someone, or just sew one on your cat… so many uses for so few dollars. Just a fiver (AUD$5.00) plus p&p will have your friends green with envy while you swagger down the street showing your colours! Proven to possibly attract members of the opposite sex, cure arthritis, and prevent hair loss, these patches could very well change your life!

Look how naturally the new patch slots in seamlessly with other rock n roll patches! Note… Other patches of genuine rock n roll legends not provided!


So come on… get your patch today and give those would be wannabe’s from Down Under the encouragement they so desperately need.

Purchase details soon to be put on the “Buy Lincolns Stuff” page on this very website.

ANZAC Show – Dom Polski Centre – April 21st

That’s right folks… another themed event will be held at The Dom Polski on April 21st. Featuring Adelaide’s very own Andrews Sisters Tribute act, The Three Little Sisters, and from Melbourne… The Honky Tonk Rockers. We’ll be there too of course and we’re looking forward to another great night.

Wear your best war time gear and set the theme for the night. Dancing, raffles, food van, clothing stalls, and great music.

Contact us for tickets… we’d love to see you there. Tickets are $25 per person.


July is upon us!

Yep… July is here, but what does this mean for you?

Well it means a few things. Firstly it means that on the 8th we will be playing alongside our great mates The Fender Benders. All the way from sunny Victoria for one night only at The Castle Entertainment Centre. Tickets are $30 per head and you are guaranteed a night of great music and dancing. Tickets are still available at the door, so why not get along and bop your little socks off.


Secondly… it means that we will have our new CD’s available. We are expecting delivery for the first 1000 copies and they should be on sale by around the 12th July. Those traveling to Horsham will be able to purchase them direct from us at the gig as that will be our first show after we take delivery. The new CD is titled Hundred Dollar Bill and has the familiar 16 tracks… 8 Originals, and 8 Covers. We are quite excited about this release and we hope you guys will be too. This CD is $20 per copy and we can arrange P&P for $6.50 anywhere in Australia, and $12.00 anywhere in the world. Check our page soon for purchase details.

Thirdly… Jive in July is going ahead on July 29th with two of the best bands you will get to see in Adelaide this year. The ReChords are here playing their unique brand of original Americana and Rockabilly, and they will have their new vinyl available with them. A Band Called Twang are coming down from QLD to knock all of our socks off with their amazing talent and superb vocals. They should also have their new CD available. The Dom Polski will be pumping all night long. We’re kicking off proceedings from around 7:30pm and tickets are $30 each pre-sold only.

We will have a food van and a coffee van at the front of the building, and for your retail therapy needs we will have Bop Jonnys, Hot Rock Gear and the Alikat stand will be there with clocks, dog tags, key rings, bottle openers… all of which can be engraved to a design of your choice… on the spot!

Yes indeed… this will be a great month. Thanks for being a friend of The Lincolns and we hope to see you soon. At the very least we will be sharing some very exciting news with you all shortly.

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for up to the minute information.
Twang and co






Where will you be on these dates?


We are so pleased to be a part of 3 great shows this year before we head off to the UK. One we have organised ourselves, and the other two we have been invited to be a part of. All of them feature some of the best interstate acts you will see, as all have a proven track record and a massive following in not only their own states, but right across Australia… and around the world:

In date order:

May 20th:

Rock n Roll Rampage: Featuring Kieron McDonald, Benny and the Fly By Nighters, Kitty Martini, and The Lincolns:

Rockn Roll Rampage

Tickets available at Sticky Tickets

July 8th:

The Fender Benders with The Lincolns


July 29th:

Jive in July. Featuring A Band Called Twang, The ReChords, and The Lincolns

Twang and co

Thats 3 great opportunities to catch some of the best interstate acts right on your own doorstep. It doesn’t get any better or easier than that. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Hope to see you at all of them!


Just back from a great weekend in Geelong. We have huge year coming up this year. Back to Blighty and back to Finland as well later on, lots of interstate travel and CD number 4 will make up 2017. Plus when we get back from overseas we’ll be having a well earned break.

Stay tuned good people!

Finland, Back to Blighty, the PH test… and more

Finland… what a blast. It’s a long way from Oz, but worth the trip. Marko and the gang put on a superb festival and looked after us so well. Are we going back… maybe. October 2017 is a possibility.

Well it looks like England is on the cards again for 2017. Ok… more than just on the cards… we’re going back. Starting at the Ted Do, we have about 6 gigs lined up and a few more in he pipeline. We’re lucky enough to be playing with one of England’s top Rock n Roll acts The Rhythm Aces. Ooh yeah. Very excited to be playing with Pete and the boys as they blew us away when we saw them last year.

Raucous Records will be releasing our 3rd CD in September so keep an eye out for that one. A few classics, and a few originals on there. A few slower ones and dedications on there too. CD Number 4 is already being written though and we’re hoping to have that ready for early in the New Year. So far we’re happy with the original content being a bit more punchy.

Our very first offering “Two Parts Whiskey” is now out of stock in hard copy, but can be downloaded on iTunes and also on CD Baby here -
It has our version of Red Cadillac which has had over 57000 views on youtube to date. That might be nothing to you guys, but it’s huge for us being in little old Adelaide ticked away down here on the outskirts of nowhere. We’re also in the process of filming another clip for another popular cover “Sorrow” so we’ll let you know when that comes up.

That’s all for now guys n gals. This web site is not the main area for band updates, but you can always catch up with the latest on Facebook under The Lincolns – Adelaide. Why not give us a like and be in our gang.