Full steam ahead

Lots of exciting things happening in Lincoln Land.

Our new Lincoln (Kingsley) has fitted in nicely and is making a nuisance of name for himself at every gig we play. Valuable input, great singing, and great bass lines. Very happy to have him on board. He’s a true Lincoln now and there’s no stopping him or us.

The UK trip is looming and in September we head back to Blighty for 6 shows that are scattered across the land. We can’t wait to get over there and play our music overseas, as well as have a holiday at the same time. Ooh yeah!

We are also very close to getting back into the studio for CD #3. Progress updates will be posted here and also on our FB page, so look out for that.

This weekend we have Ezra Lee here with The Havoc Band, and we can’t wait to perform once again to another sold out show.

Stay tuned folks. Don’t forget that Facebook is updated more regularly than this web page, so why not head over and like our page for more and regular information about upcoming gigs and lots more.

That’s all for now…

See you on the dance floor!