UK report & more

Well we’re back from the most amazing trip to the UK. The Ted Do, was amazing. We met some great people and the response to our music was just awesome! The whole tour ears brilliant with every gig being an absolute winner. We’re still on a high, and we’re keen to go back and do it all again in 2017! Next year we’re in Finland in June for the summer Jamboree festival, so look out Europe, we’ll be back!

The new3rd CD is set for recording in January after a couple of set back’s.  We’re super keen to get this one in the bag so we can start promoting a whole bunch of new originals that are ready to go for our 4th CD. Keep an eye and ear out for CD number 3, but more info will be put up on this site and also on our FB page nearer the time.

We’ve been lucky enough to be invited back to the Ballarat Beat next year, plus Camperdown. We’ll also be in QLD 3 times next year as part of a tour with The King Cats in February, then on The Double Trouble gig in April, and then with Breakaways in October for their Birthday show.

We’ll be in NSW, and Victoria a few times to, so keep an eye out and we hope to see you around at one of the shows.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll try and update as often as I can, but the main place for news is our FB page, so if you haven’t given us a like already, feel free to do so and get up to the minute info right there.