Finland, Back to Blighty, the PH test… and more

Finland… what a blast. It’s a long way from Oz, but worth the trip. Marko and the gang put on a superb festival and looked after us so well. Are we going back… maybe. October 2017 is a possibility.

Well it looks like England is on the cards again for 2017. Ok… more than just on the cards… we’re going back. Starting at the Ted Do, we have about 6 gigs lined up and a few more in he pipeline. We’re lucky enough to be playing with one of England’s top Rock n Roll acts The Rhythm Aces. Ooh yeah. Very excited to be playing with Pete and the boys as they blew us away when we saw them last year.

Raucous Records will be releasing our 3rd CD in September so keep an eye out for that one. A few classics, and a few originals on there. A few slower ones and dedications on there too. CD Number 4 is already being written though and we’re hoping to have that ready for early in the New Year. So far we’re happy with the original content being a bit more punchy.

Our very first offering “Two Parts Whiskey” is now out of stock in hard copy, but can be downloaded on iTunes and also on CD Baby here -
It has our version of Red Cadillac which has had over 57000 views on youtube to date. That might be nothing to you guys, but it’s huge for us being in little old Adelaide ticked away down here on the outskirts of nowhere. We’re also in the process of filming another clip for another popular cover “Sorrow” so we’ll let you know when that comes up.

That’s all for now guys n gals. This web site is not the main area for band updates, but you can always catch up with the latest on Facebook under The Lincolns – Adelaide. Why not give us a like and be in our gang.