August / September Festival Fun and Lucky 13

Well guys n gals… we made it back from Barham. What a great festival it is too. If you haven’t been before, it’s not a bad drive, the people are great, and the town and surrounds are very nice, so there is plenty to see and do. $25 for a weekend pass that gets you into all the bands for 4 nights.

OK… We saw some great bands on Thursday and Friday night (Who was that cat, and Honey B and The Stingers), and then it was our turn on Saturday night. We played to a packed house of very appreciative dancers who made us feel very special. We had a superb night and the feel in the room was just awesome. We had the BEST sound from Anthony Tenace of Kick Back Studios, and we were teamed up again with DJ Flash who is an obvious favourite with the dancers and he knows how to work the floor and keep it pumping. It was such a good night and one I think we’ll remember for a while.

Sunday night was a quieter affair, although we were surprised to see so many people still there eager to dance the night away. Unfortunately for me personally, I had succumbed to the cough and sore throat I had started with the day before and had virtually lost my voice, so as a band we were good, but as a vocalist… well I’ll be kind to myself and say I was pretty awful haha… but the show MUST go on, and it did, and the crowd were great and gave us a massive cheer when we finished. Hmm… Or maybe the cheer was “because” we’d finished haha!

We sold a huge amount of CD’s and t-shirts, so all in all it was a very successful weekend for us. We made a heap of new friends, gave out a heap of business cards, and we’re looking forward to whatever comes next! It’s an amazing life, and we’re so fortunate and grateful to have you lot in it!

Now I personally have to focus on getting right for this weekends show as it’s developed into a full blown dreaded lurgy. So no talking and lots of warm drinks… with err… whiskey in them! Yay for me!

Coming up this month we’re on at The Victor Harbor Festival on the Sunday afternoon, and then we’re back in Victoria at Lucky 13 Garage on September 27th. Would love to see you there.