Bopping into 2014

Well we’re back from Ballarat, but I’ll talk more on that later. First up, I must mention the killer show we were invited to play at The Port Dock Brewery with The Wanderers Car Club on Jan 25th. Charlie went to a lot of trouble to put on a great event, Featuring us, Lady Voodoo, Lucky Seven and CC Jerome. Over 400 people packed in to the joint and it was pumping all night long. Well done Charlie, you don’t do half bad for a wannabe promoter!

The last couple of weeks practice have been spent finalising a few new originals and we pumped 3 of them out at Ballarat to get an idea on what the dancers thought of them. Overwhelmed with the response we got to them actually. We’re not playing them here in SA until March 29th, then into the studio to get them down on CD and out for sale ASAP.

Speaking of March 29th. The event is selling very well, so if you want your tickets, please get online and get your tickets soon or you may miss out. Three great bands and the coolest DJ in town for just $15. Can’t go wrong! Other gigs for March include the Mannum Hot Rod Show on the 9th, another interstate venture to Cobram on the 16th, and then we’re playing March 22 at Holdfast Shores Bowling Club for their fundraiser, but March 29 is where it’s at. New songs, plus TJ and The Twinspinners, The Switchblades and DJ Midnight Rocker.

OK… Ballarat. Not only is it a very cool place to be (food is awesome and well priced), the event itself was off the planet! Acts from all over the world, plus some of the best Australia has to offer congregated on the town for one weekend and put on a festival to rival anything anywhere. Pin ups, Hot Rods, cool cats and kittens, great dancers, people from all corners of the country came together and had a ball. Arthur and the team know how to deliver, and they delivered… yet again!

In fact… Arthur and his team are setting the standard when it comes to these festivals, so if you’re not doing it already, start thinking about Camperdown this October, and then Ballarat next Feb. The Lincolns may not be there next time as rotation is a must to keep things fresh for the punters, but regardless, the festival will rock your socks off!

We played 4 gigs while we were there, and they were all killer shows! Our final day performance in Sebastiaan’s cafe was one of the better shows I’ve personally ever been involved in… certainly as far as feel good shows are concerned, but take nothing away form the other 3 we did. They were all amazing, and the response to our brand of Rock n Roll was absolutely knock out.

As I said, the new ones are just about ready for launching here in SA, so if you’re keen to get along for a listen, please come along on March 29th and get your dancing shoes shined up and ready to bop the night away.

Take care folks and we’ll be speaking soon.

PS: If you want details of the March 29 gig, or if you don’t like buying online, please contact us via email – and we will get something arranged for you.

Lee Lincoln.