Looking to May.

Hey guys n gals. Great news… The recording is done and we are just weeks away from our new CD hitting the airwaves. Once we have them in our hot little hands, we’ll be distributing to local and national DJ’s for the first run to get initial feedback, and hopefully we’ll get a few interviews along the way and then by June we’ll be hot to trot to start selling.

Meantime, May see’s us making a debut appearance at The Garterbelts and Gasoline nostalgia festival in Queensland. Once again we’re playing with some brilliant acts, namely Wes Pudsey and The Sonic Aces, and Little Mac and The Monster Men. It’s so cool to be able to line up with quality acts like these guys, and It still blows us away to be considered for these events! Being a part of the opening night and helping set the tone for the weekend is very exciting. Can’t wait!!

Stay tuned for more Lincolns updates soon.

Big month ahead

This is it… tomorrow is the beginning of our studio time!! After a huge weekend at West Lakes, we’re hitting the studio to record our new album “Teddy Boy Rock n Roll”. Feedback from the weekend gig where we performed the entire CD live was very promising. Hopefully the CD will live up to expectations!

The next month we’ll be flat out organising the printing of the CD, artwork etc, and then it’s off to QLD in May for the Garterbelt and Gasoline Festival. Yes… we are excited. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the dance floor at our next gig!